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TJM Products Switzerland GmbH is importing the main part of TJM products for the Swiss market. At the same time TJM Products Switzerland is delivering TJM Products to the TJM Representative Office of Austria, Italy, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Latvia and in a part of Germany. After a short time, an extensive stock of parts is ready for vehicles which are converted in our market for off-road use. TJM Products Switzerland GmbH is run by Beat Wyss. In the extensive TJM store, most parts are presented and can be explained.

The following additional products are offered as a complement:

  • Lightforce Driving Lights (headlights with maximum luminous intensity).

  • Flexi Tank (the clever tank system for drinking water, light, compact, flexible)

  • Miscellaneous Travel Equipment (Kathadyn, bike racks, etc.)

  • B & B Fensterisolationskit for most off-road vehicle in-house production.

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TJM Switzerland offers since many years for a variety of vehicles (Toyota, Nissan, LandRover) robust off-road accessories. For the Swiss market, we can deliver installation documents for snorkels and chassis for for the entry issue in the registration papers. TJM Bumpers can only be presented to the the Road Traffic Office with the CH-conversion and installation of winch. We will advise you.


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Toyota LandCruiser HZJ105 ready to start