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Sahara Tour from 26. Nov. - 6. Dez 2008

Wadi ad Drag, Zufahrt zum Senedpass

We traveled over the direction of Tunis Douz, on the northern edge of the Sahara.
At Camping Desert Club has clarified what is to go yet. The plan was the route of Timbaine to Ain Oudette (Red Sea)
There were 2 vehicles: HZJ78 with WERNI and HDJ100 with Beat and Hannes.
The photos are already visible here or on YouTube (Serious 4WD)


Moschee in Kairouan
Workshop with tires trade in Kairouan
Coppersmith in Kairouan
These Peugeot 504 leaves the market no more
Sand storm in Bou Hedma
Sand dunes as far as the eye can
The belts of Rescue are always ready for use
Camping in the east of Timbaine
short pause of navigation
Werner, Hannes und Beat
The use of Sand sheets
take the road
south of Halfaya Pass
El Chott, in the north
El Chott, direction sud

Pictures of LC HD100 with its installation

Dashboard with 8.4" Monitor for Navigation
Installation, finished packing
Installation lashed with water tanks